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Patients can register and enter their information prior to visiting Navavej International Hospital by using the following methods:

1. Use Navavej Mobile Application
2. Go to Website   www.navavej.com

For fast and efficient service, patients may register online prior to visiting Navavej International Hospital. Please feel free to provide full and accurate details about yourself. The hospital will not disclose your personal data.

Documents to bring on the day of your visit

  • Nation ID card or passport
  • Insurance card (if you are planning to claim your insurance)
  • Referral form or Treatment certificate/Employee card of our partner companies (if any)
  • Name and telephone number of an emergency contact person

3. Register at Navavej International Hospital All visitors can request additional information prior to receiving health services at customer relations Call: +66 2483 9999 or E-mail: info@navavej.com




Our staff members will do their best to provide attentive care during your time at Navavej International Hospital which includes our after-care service. After you have received health services at Navavej International Hospital, you will be given information regarding the care that you had received, i.e., your medical report, a medical certificate (if required). The information will be delivered to you using one of these two methods depending on your preference:

1. Via Navavej Mobile Application only for summary of services, medicine information, and annual health report.
2. Pick up the documents from the nurse counter at the specialist center where you received care.

If you would like more information about our after-care service, please contact customer relations Call: +66 2483 9999 E-mail: info@navavej.com