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Digital X-ray – DigitalDiagnost 4.1

DigitalDiagnost 4.1 is 4th generation of Philips digital X-ray, transforming from analog system with X-ray film. This DigitalDiagnost 4.1 comes with a large 19-inch LCD screen and advanced technology to deliver consistently high image quality, harmonized contrast and enhanced details.

Philips Azurion 7 B20/12

Azurion 7 B20/12 Biplane image-guided therapy system is compatible with Philips IVUS CORE Integrated – the latest model of ultrasonic resonance device. The Azurion 7 utilizes computer technology to make the device operation, exam blood vessels as well as analyze patient’s data.

IQon Spectral CT Scan

Philips IQon Spectral CT is the world’s first and only detector-based spectral CT that can scan patients with Real-Time Spectral, reducing the time and cost of imaging diagnosis.

Ingenia 3.0T MRI

Philips Ingenia 3.0T DS is the first digital 3.0T MRI scanner of the company, featuring dStream technology that delivers premium image quality with digital clarity and speed.

IOL Master 700

Get fewer refractive surprises. OCT image based biometry for visually verifying measurements and for the detection of unusual eye geometries


Wide-field structural damage assessment for glaucoma. Field analysis displays structural data for the entire posterior pole

VISALIS V500(Treatment of Eye Diseases)

VISALIS 500 : Anterior and posterior cataract surgery including vitreous surgery.

Seca mBCA525

The unique measuring mat measures all of the required parameters such as fat mass, muscle mass and body water in a fully self-sufficient way. The short cables simplify working

Vital signs monitor : EarlyVue VS30

Philips EarlyVue VS30 vital signs monitor unleashes the power of automated Early Warning Scoring (EWS) to help you quickly pinpoint subtle signs of patient deterioration