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Philips Azurion 7 B20/12

Azurion 7 B20/12 Biplane image-guided therapy system is compatible with Philips IVUS CORE Integrated – the latest model of ultrasonic resonance device. The Azurion 7 utilizes computer technology to make the device operation, exam blood vessels as well as analyze patient’s data. Clinician can now control all compatible applications in the interventional lab via the central touch screen module at table side with their 2-fingers touch like a smartphone. This helps reduce the need for team members to leave the sterile area, saving time and helping avoid delays.

The Azurion 7 also comes with a large LCD 58-inch display with high resolution and medical grade qualifications that provides exceptional clarity of detail and navigational precision to support a wide range of challenging cerebrovascular, cardiac and vascular interventions. This industry leading image-guided therapy platform allows transferring data from other medical devices to help optimize lab performance and provide superior care for patients.

The Azurion 7 incorporates the most refractory X-ray tube enhancing lab performance for challenging intervention and long-time procedure, while maintain image quality. It also features AzurionIQ technology – the newest processing system – provides superb image quality and reduce patient radiation dose.

The Azurion 7 image guided therapy system has accommodated with 3D image guided program, which can visualize the complete 3D coronary tree from CT or MRI devices. It also accommodates cardiovascular software options eg. StentBoost to visualize the clarity of stent and Coronary Roadmap to visualize real-time cardiac workflow. Philips designs the new software options specifically for the Azurion image guided therapy platform for fast response, informed clinical decisions and effective result for patients.

Azurion 7 B20/12 Biplane image-guided therapy system compatible with Philips IVUS CORE Integrated today is the most advanced for cerebrovascular, cardiac and vascular interventions.